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our story

in a nutshell

Our story started in 2004 in Zurich Switzerland, when we first met and realized that we have the same goals in life - like to have our own independent business some day, to love what we do and always be committed and dedicated to it.

When we met, Beat was already a passionated fly fisher, who started in the 90ties in fresh water rivers and lakes. We loved to share days on the water together. Often with a bunch of fly fishing friends enjoying the mountain rivers. After I finally got my first fly fishing rod in 2006, as a birthday present from Beat, the heat was on. All vacations and any free time had only one focus =>  to go fly fishing all over the world. We have been from the Maldives to New Zealand, Finnland, Norway, Slovenia, Austria, France, Spain to Mexico, Guatemala and Belize...

After our first salt water fly fishing experience, we became addicted to it. With its sometimes endless flats, the little sand banks in the middle of the light blue to turquoise shimmering ocean. Seeing the predator coming towards your fly, the moment it hooks and a drill that is incomparable to what we were used to in the past. No matter if it is for Permits, Bonefish, GT's, Blue Fin Trevallys, Tarpon, Jacks, Trigger, Wahoos, Baracudas or any other species - it's breath taking and you always want more.

In 2018 we found in Belize some the clearest and most stunning waters for fly fishing - which are on top also very well protected by the government - and finally decided to take the step and transform our passion into our profession and to set up Clear Water Exploring.

We left Switzerland on April 1st 2019 and feel now home in Placencia, Belize on our Motor Yacht called Sirus, where we life and share our dream and passion with guest from all over the world


Owner and Operator

44 years old, having a hotel management degree titel, worked as deputy restaurant manger and 4 years as flight attendant - and was finally working the last 15 years as a CEO assistiant for an international company


Owner and Operator

46 years old, former carpenter foreman - changed in the 90ties in to the finance and insurance sector and managed successfully 3 insurance agencies on the Zurich Lakeside before we left.

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