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WHat gear to bring

What kind of Fly Fishing Gear do i need?


This overview is, what we would recommend to bring along for the three different species. Of course there are different factors which have to be taken into consideration, like weather and wind, but also personal physical strength. 


With an 8 to 9 wt rod and WF full floating line you are more than fine for the different sizes of permit you'll see. Some anglers like to have a bigger rod and go for a 10 wt. 


For bonefish a 7 or 8 wt rod - again with WF floating line - seems to be perfect and strong enough to feel their great runs. The 8 wt covers at the same time to occasion of catching a permit too.


Here we would go at least with 9wt up to a 12 wt rod. Line wise a WF full floating together with an extra spool with an intermediate sink WF fly line is recommended. 

The length of the rods can make a difference - a 9ft or 9,5ft seem to ideal for the faster line pick up off the water, which causes less movement on the surface, which might spook the shy fish your targeting.


Make sure your rod is a salt-water anti corrosion model and that the lines are WF - weight forward - tropical saltwater taper floating lines - perfect for the sight fishing.


Permit: Tapered leaders, ending on a 16 to 20 lb

Bonefish: Tapered leaders, ending on a 10 to 12 lb

Tarpon: Fluorocarbon Material in 40, 60 or 80 lb

First time in saltwater?


There's a lot of equipment that comes along with salt water fly fishery. Clear Water Exploring offers you the opportunity to rent some tackle and we also have a certain stock on board to provide you in case you forgot something back home. A limited selection of self made flies is also available.

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