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Best time to fish

What is the best time to go fishing in Belize?

In general

The fish

Permit, Bonefish and Tarpon are always present in the waters around Placencia and where we are heading to - all year round - there are no bad days or seasons. If the best day is 100% a bad day is still 85%. You just have to adapt to the tides and always count on your unpredictable companion called wind.

The Climate

The climate in Belize is tropical humid, with winds blowing mainly from the Caribbean. The temperature differences between the coolest season (December to March) and the hottest season (May to September) are relatively small, with an average temperature of 80 F/ 26°C. In general the weather is mostly determined by incoming fronts, which normally pass by fast and are also responsible for the wind force. So keep improving

your casting skills in case the wind will challenge you.



The Tides

From March to August, the tides are the most stable and often offer two rising tides daily, which can be fished. March is also the month, where they are often seen in big schools.

During September to November we experience much higher tides; which means your fishing tactics will change from fishing on a half-full to full tide

to a low to half-full tide. The moon fits the best when it's in its first quarter and last quarter.

Between December and February the region has the lowest tides, that's when full and new moon are the most promising times to fish the spring tide.


The spots we go fishing for bonefish are all year long great fun and an unforgettable experience. Between February and September they tend to be in deeper water and form March to August you sometimes see them feeding in huge groups just in 6inch / 20cm deep waters. Nothing better than seeing these tails up in the air


Normally between March and August the Tarpon migrations take place and they just follow the Victoria Channel to benefit from the huge quantities of bait fish called minnows. A lot of Tarpons are resident - so also during the Month of January and February, where they start to move further south you we will find them. 

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